SAP training tools

Standard help functionality for your SAP system is accessible through the user interface. Additionally the SAP Help portal provides access to help documentation for the products of SAP SE.

To handle SAP software more effectively often online training material is developed. Such training material is used at go-live of SAP implementations, as well as with refresh-training for users which already use their SAP system for some time already. Tools are available which can save substantial time because of specific functions e.g. automatic generation of e-learning in other languages. This can occur with international roll-outs of SAP systems.



Strong points

SAP Productivity Pak / RWD uPerform

RWD (delivered via suppliers of SAP software)

Proven solution in combination with SAP software; marketed by SAP SE

UPK - User Productivity Kit

Global Knowledge (acquired by Oracle)

If the functionality is used correctly: fairly easy translation of training material into other languages

WPB - Workforce Performance Builder

Sold bye SAP SE




Low license costs

Training development is not a job on the side. Unfortunately it's not the first time that expensive online training turns out to be useless, or even lead to handling a system in such ways that it causes unnecessary extra costs. 

It is advisable to assess that developers of online SAP training meet all of these requirements for success:

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    And that no hall of tools
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    Excellent knowledge of how your SAP system is tailored to your specific business processes. That implies:
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    Excellent knowledge of the SAP system
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    Excellent knowledge of your business processes
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    Educational capabilities
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    Speaking foreign languages in international projects

Let PKR ERP-TRAINING develop your online SAP training.

Consider to use PKR ERP-TRAINING with the development of your online SAP training in logistics applications. We have hands-on experience with the latest tools for SAP training development, in-depth knowledge of SAP system applications in a logistics environment, are up to speed quickly with your specific business processes, and can train in Dutch, English, French and German.

Our practical experience is based on dozens of projects for the development of online SAP training, including:

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    Training of planning and logistics end-users using Dutch and French e-learning (SAP SCM, SAP ECC). E-learning was developed in uPerform by the own trainers of the multinational
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    Training of all employees after roll-out of SAP CRM and SAP ECC from the German to the Dutch subciliary. SAP basis training developed in Dutch
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    Training of service staff, key users, process experts for a new implementation of SAP CRM and SAP ECC. Applied UPK for development of learning material being used by internal trainers
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    Refresh-course for warehouse staff. Used Captivate for simulation of the user interface of SAP PP software
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    Development of basic course (interactive video) with Captivate for use of SAP ECC software
  • Ontwikkeling basiscursus (interactieve video) voor  bediening van SAP ECC software