We don't deliver SAP® courses

We do deliver SAP user training on your premises, adapted to the specific logistics processes within your company 


In-Company SAP training

Every company is different. Standard SAP courses don't address what is specific in your company. We can and that's our specialization. Over the last 20+ years we’ve delivered  in-company SAP user training to SAP SE customers. Based on hands-on industrial experience with SAP systems, more than 40 national and international multilingual projects, and practical training experience with thousands of SAP users.
No more trial&error or guess-work with standard SAP transactions without knowing the impact to the rest of the organisation.
Instead, learn how to really work with your SAP system, with shorter learning curves.


SAP Logistics training

ERP-TRAINING delivers SAP Logistics training. Involving people using SAP at work in logistics processes. Mechanics, production planners, logistics managers, key users, SAP trainers, SAP consultants, SAP testers, managers, and more.
Our in-depth knowledge spans SAP  modules like SAP PP, SAP MM,SAP IM, SAP WM, SAP SD, SAP PM en SAP CRM, SAP SCM. And we have practical experience how these modules should support logistics processes in many industries. 

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Which training fits?

First-time SAP users will definitely benefit from dedicated start-up training.
Long-time SAP users will in many cases benefit from refresher-courses or in-depth training.
Training can be one-on-one or in groups.
We can produce training material, work instructions and/or e-learning. Using a wide variety of dedicated tools such as OnDemand UPK, SAP Productivity Pak (SPP) / RWD uPerform. 


International roll-outs?

International roll-outs such as to subsidiaries have special requirements for SAP user training.
Foreign legislation may dictate different business procedures.
And the SAP user interface or training language may be different. That imposes additional requirements to translators. Requirements that general translation agencies may find hard to meet: knowledge of technical slang and of business processes.  
ERP-TRAINING does have the specific know-how for training internationally and delivers SAP training in Dutch, English, German and French.


Upgrade/go-live training

Competence of SAP trainers is a major success factor for upgrades/go-lives.
In an environment with competing requirements: low project cost/short duration versus optimal functionality/maximum user friendliness.
An SAP trainer must have in-depth knowledge of SAP systems, business processes, training tools. And training skills. And have an overall overview. To be able to supply users with insight of what they are doing with their SAP system.  That may be in a hectic or change-resisting organisation.
Junior trainers at dump-rates, possibly teaching your people the wrong stuff in too much time? We don't have that. Just competence that's crucial for upgrades and go-lives.




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