Specialised in SAP Logistics training

PKR ERP-TRAINING (not related to SAP SE) has been training users of SAP systems since 1997, when Susan Geldof, MSc took over the company. With her experience as certified SAP consultant and ex EDP- and Logistics Manager she has been the driving force behind numerous international SAP training projects worldwide.

Prior to 1997 we've  been active in the IT industry not only as service provider. We've also gained operational industry experience in supervising roles and have managed many technical automation projects since 1985. 

We've sat on both sides of the table: as hirer of services and as provider of services. We understand the interests of the various stakeholders in a business, and know the best practices of using SAP systems in logistics processes. Therefor we can not only just train users of SAP Logistics systems, but also provide them with valuable insights how it all works together. 

So they can get control of their SAP system, know how to handle abnormal events, and perhaps learn to appreciate that their SAP system is there for them instead of against them.

Do you have the feeling your users should be able to handle their SAP system better and easier? Our mission is to show users how they can make better use of their SAP system in logistics processes.