How to better use your SAP® logistics system?

Hire us for SAP training customised to YOUR company!

Does your SAP logistics system work for your users or against them? 

How do you make sure your users appreciate working with their SAP system at work? How can they do their daily job with the confidence that there are no surprises because of trial and error usage, inconsistent data, unclear procedures or work instructions?  And in case something might go wrong, how do they manage to get control again quickly?

Consider temporarily supporting them with in-house SAP training, tailored to their specific roles in your company.

We let your people really understand how to use your SAP® ERP system.

Many others preceded you.

For more than 20 years PKR ERP-TRAINING delivers training and support for using SAP ERP systems in logistics applications. Based on hands-on industrial experience with SAP systems, more than 50 national and international multilingual projects, and practical experience with thousands of users of SAP systems. From SMB to multinational, our expertise has been used for development and management of training programs, development of training material with state -of-the art-tools and training delivery and support of end users, key users and specialists.

Why hire one of our training specialists?

Our training specialists earn themselves through deep knowledge of SAP systems and 'best practices' in your branch of activity. They can quickly assess how your SAP system is configured to support your specific company processes. They can let your users understand how their SAP system is applied to support your specific business processes. And have the soft skills to increase user acceptance.

Faster and less costly learning curves.

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    Training programs finished earlier.
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    Train-the-trainer programs for knowledge transfer.
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    Better training material, produced faster. Less need to learn training tools.
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    Multilinguality and knowledge of terminology saves time during international roll-outs.
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    On-the-job support shortens learning curves and reduces troubleshooting time.
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    Faster finding of problem causes during Early Life support. Less stress and more time available for normal daily work.
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    Savings with consolidation of user requirements, use acceptance- and system tests.

Lower operational costs

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    Users get insight in how interactions with the system relate. No piling up of tasks due caused by ignorance.
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    Cost savings due to working faster with the system, in particular when correcting for occurring abnormalities.
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    Lower operational costs after custom refresh- and in-depth courses.
SAP training on top

SAP training is my passion, there's nothing I enjoy doing more. Nice my work is appreciated. Perhaps I get an even greater kick from reactions like "wow, wish I had known that before!"

 Senior SAP Trainer at PKR ERP-Training

May we help YOUR users?


Development and management of training programs
Development of training material
Deliver training and user support

Consultancy training approach

E-learning / blended learning

(Multilingual) end- en key user training

Training project management

Work instructions

Refresher courses, in-depth training

Consultancy improving logistics processes

On-line help

After go-live support

Consultancy user acceptance testing

Business process documentation

System troubleshooting 

Value for money

No junior SAP trainers teaching your users how to handle the SAP system the wrong way. You can rely on us carrying out our assignments extraordinarily well - otherwise we just don't accept the job!

Independence of agencies or other in between companies guarantees lower rates when hiring us directly. If that's not possible because you're bound to preferred suppliers in many cases we can also operate as subcontractor.

Even if you haven't made your mind of how to handle your SAP training: contact us. We would love exchanging thoughts with you during a free phone consultation. If we can't help you ourselves, we can often point you in the right direction.

P.S.  Achieve better user acceptance of your SAP logistics system? Contact us - the sooner the better.

Onderzoek [1] toont aan dat een kleine toename van het aantal uren training - zelfs 9 uur per persoon - de kans op succes van een enterprise systeem project laat toenemen van 50% naar 80%.