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Get the Feel of SAP ECC Software Within 8 Hours - for as Little as $99.

Increase your efficiency and effectiveness using SAP software to keep up with today's fast-paced workload, by utilizing the invaluable Starter Training for SAP® Software by ERP-TRAINING. A practical, hands-on training system to accelerate your learning, designed by SAP specialists who already have helped thousands of users to maximize their effectiveness with SAP systems since 1997.
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Starter Training for SAP® Software is an invaluable tool because it includes up-to-the-minute techniques for easy handling of SAP software screens and transactions. Practice with simulated screens as they would look like when utilizing the latest version of SAP software, SAP ECC 6.0. Whether you’re a beginning user wishing to brush up on more efficient methods and shortcuts to make your job easier, or a candidate needing exposure to SAP screens and transactions for your next job, Starter Training for SAP® Software is the perfect training vehicle for you. Here’s why:
  • View actual SAP software screens via interactive video, learning essential commands and shortcuts
  • Discover tips and tricks making transactions easier and more efficient to speed up your daily work flow
  • Reference the accompanying 63-page workbook for even greater SAP background and understanding
  • SAP software training at the lowest price available: 24/7 online access to the training until 1-1-2016 as many times as you want for a one-time payment of just $99

Here's what you get

The opportunity to learn practical stuff you can apply immediately - not loads of theory:
  • Log on to SAP software and log off (45 minutes, 35 minutes without exercises)
    • How log on to the SAP system and how you can log off in various ways, choosing your own ‘preferred method’
  • SAP screens in general (60 minutes, 50 minutes without exercises)
    • The general structure of basic SAP screens and what the different parts are for
    • Buttons and their function in the standard toolbar, the status bar, and more
  • Working with the SAP menu tree and transactions (45 minutes without exercises)
    • What the SAP menu tree in the SAP Easy Access screen looks like, and how you can use it to perform specific tasks in SAP applications through transactions
    • How screens are used to start transactions, specify the details of a transaction, and how to start or cancel a transaction
    • Alternative ways to start a transaction to save you time
    • Doing different things simultaneously by working with sessions
    • How to display technical abbreviations of transactions in menus so you don’t have to remember them, and more
  • Working with favorites (30 minutes, 20 minutes without exercises)
    • Adding transactions to favorites to have faster access to transactions you use often
    • Making changes to favorites to access them easier
    • Transporting favorites to colleagues or to upgrades of the SAP system
  • Searching for data (45 minutes, 30 minutes without exercises)
    • How to search data and generate reports easily, using search lists, search fields
    • How to specify search criteria and understand how the search system helps you get the information you’re looking for fast
    • More search options for advanced users to search even more efficiently
  • Work easier by using personal settings (60 minutes, 40 minutes without exercises)
    • How to adapt the system to your preferences with personal settings, reducing the number of steps to accomplish a task: pre-defined personal searches, have fields already filled with default values, specify how you want your menus to appear, and more
  • Test your knowledge with quizz questions & answers
  • (If you have access to a live SAP system): additional exercises to further expand your hands-on experience

How does it work?

You'll receive a user name and a password for access to the training within minutes after purchasing, so you can start immediately. You can use any browser that can play Flash video, including Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and more, on a computer with Windows or Mac OS X. Recommended screen size 1280x800 pixels, or larger. You don't need to have SAP software on your computer.
Below is an example from the Starter Training For Users Of SAP® Software. Please note that the screen size in the original training is full size, and not as small as shown below. Click the "Continue..." button to start, and see how you can interact with the video.

Start learning immediately

Video-3d-card Large-screen interactive training videos featuring screen simulations IDENTICAL to the latest SAP user screens to help you understand how to work easily with SAP transactions Access through internet
Workbook3DW200 Your 63-page workbook, providing background information and more details to match the online tutorial videos Downloadable ebook
Tip3-3D Valuable Bonus 1: 5 Power Tips for users of SAP systems Sent by e-mail
3DebookSAP-2010 Valuable Bonus 2: huge discount on So You Want to Be an SAP® Software Professional?. A 101-page guidebook to the finer points of becoming an SAP software professional Downloadable ebook for $14.97 (optional)
moneyback 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee tickoffmark
Save Lowest price for what you're getting. Valuable company discounts for multiple users in the same organization $99 One-time payment for unlimited online access until 1-1-2016. No sneaky automatic subscription renewals.
Starter Training for SAP® Software. Unlimited online access until 1-1-2016, one-time payment of US$ 99instant_access_button-1 creditcards

Your Valuable Bonuses

BONUS #1 - Power Tips for SAP Software Users are advanced tips from our in-house SAP customer training sessions. These tried-and-true tips are guaranteed to enhance your daily work with SAP screens and transactions. You‘ll come to look forward to receiving these nuggets of information.
BONUS #2 - So You Want to Be an SAP® Software Professional? Second Edition at a very special discount. This is a 101-page guidebook to the finer points of becoming an SAP software professional, including an overview of what SAP is about, why SAP software is here to stay, and going after a consultancy or certification. You may also add the digital version of this book for a low $14.97. Here's how this can help you:
  • Find out how recruitment agencies can help you find an SAP job or contract
  • Understand why there are tens of thousands of SAP job/contract postings
  • Discover top networking communities you can join for free to obtain SAP job/contract opportunities
  • Get answers to 7 critical questions if you’re starting as an independent contractor plus 17 methods to help you avoid contract headaches
  • Learn 10 ways to market yourself as an SAP software professional online
  • Save time and money using the sample resume template - the same one used by the most successful SAP software professionals.

Improving Your Career and Job Performance is worth $99, isn’t it?

Now, it’s your turn to take advantage of the highest value in SAP training at the lowest cost of just $99. We are so certain that this training package will be invaluable to your work with SAP software screens and transactions that we offer a risk-free, 30-day money-back guarantee. If at any time you decide that you are dissatisfied with this SAP training, just let us know within 30 days of buying and we'll refund your full purchase price.

Upgrade Your Career TODAY - Order Starter Training for SAP® Software at this special low price!

Starter Training for SAP® Software. Unlimited online access until 1-1-2016, one-time payment of US$ 99instant_access_button-1 creditcards
I will say that I have shown the Starter kit to a number of people - they have all indicated that this would have been a very useful product if it had been available when we started some 3 years ago! Tony S., Bott Limited, UK Yes, indeed the starter training for SAP is great, especially if some has no idea of the system. At least it gives a start point to learn more. Taher K., Finland The on-line training and the workbook has already helped me understand the use of screen that I did not know of or was to worried to click on it. Rita S., Australia I found this training very helpful, it certainly covered all the basics, I have learned a great deal of how to operate the SAP system in general. Certainly worth to try! Jenny L., New Zealand Starter Training for SAP® Software is one of the best online interactive training course that is available in the market that is very helpful for first time SAP users to get an overview of the know how about SAP. The training material is easy to understand and has adequate information that helps an individual to go through the training slides without needing any additional assistance. I would definitely recommend this course to any Beginner SAP End User. Chandra K., Kawasaki Motors Corp, USA

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